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The pets shown here have been at the shelter the longest or are in desperate need of escaping the stress of the shelter. Each one needs a loving "furever" home where they can be cared-for and treated with the respect they deserve. They are all wonderful pets but seem to be overlooked time and time again. Can you open your heart and home to a pet in real need of a happily ever after?


1/23/20 - Willow has been waiting for her turn to break free since she arrived on October 3, 2019. She had someone wanting to adopt her but they never showed up ... so she's still here! Willow is such a sweet sweet girl. She loves everyone she meets. We think she would be great for any family. She is not too hyper, she lets you play with her ears, feet, etc. She has never shown any aggression at all toward anyone. Note that Willow is heartworm positive and will need treatment. * The LASS organization will sponsor $150 toward her treatment at a vet of your choice. Willow is about 2 years old, 46lbs, heartworm positive, dog-friendly (with a calm dog). Please stop by to meet this beautiful girl.

2/20/20 -  Meet our favorite boy, Woody! He's now the old man we have here, and sadly he's been here for too long! He arrived on December 12, 2019. Woody is such a special boy and the SWEETEST pup you could ever meet ... REALLY! He loves to just hang out by your side and giving tons of hugs and kisses He would make a great dog for ANY FAMILY! Note that Woody is heartworm positive and IS CURRENTLY undergoing treatment (the treatment is fully covered). He is good with other dogs, but he is very vocal. He would need to be with an easy-going or low-energy dog that would not react to that… He is not aggressive, he just talks! Woody needs to be an indoor dog only!

2/20/20 - Miss Lola has been waiting for her forever home for these past 181 days in the shelter. This is not a life any dog wants to have! A picture is worth a thousand words... Lola's before and after pictures are mind-blowing! Lola came to us weighing just 24lbs, skin and bones, a very bad skin condition, scared of everything and hated any person walking her or even being on a leash. 181 days later, Lola loves every single person she meets, she is happy to see everyone who comes to meet her, loves going for walks, ABSOLUTELY LOVES other dogs, and is progressing with her skin condition!

Lola deserves so much more than she was ever given! She has gained weight and is now at a healthy 47lbs. She is a happy girl and would make any family a great pet! Lola does not have a single mean bone in her body. She never once growled at us, even after all she’s been through! She is so ready to find a place and call it home. Lola is heartworm negative, 2-year-old, and 110% dog-friendly. She is the sweetest girl and needs the best home ever. INDOOR DOG ONLY.