Alan Williams - Shelter Manager

Mauricio Amat - Kennel Tech 

Carissa Valenti - Shelter Assistant Manager/Rescue Coordinator

Meghan Black - Kennel Tech 

Brittani Howington - Vet Tech 



August, 2020 - Construction on the new shelter is coming along nicely and we are hoping it will be ready some time in October - fingers crossed! There are still a lot of elements to the shelter that need to be in place before we can begin to move in.

LSPCA is partnering with the Lancaster County Animal Shelter to raise funds to address the needs of the shelter. Donations will be used to help the 3000 - 5000 animals that pass through the shelter each year. This initiative is called "Shelter in Place 2020".

Sponsorships are open to all businesses and individuals. The name or logo of every sponsor will be displayed at the new shelter and sponsors will be advertised on LSPCA and Shelter social media pages, website and LSPCA newsletter. LSPCA is arranging a private Open House and tour of the new Lancaster County Animal Shelter for their “SHELTER in Place 2020” sponsors prior to the opening to the public. All social-distancing and precautionary measures will be in place for our guests.


We ask that you please complete the sponsorship form (see link below) and return it by September 1, 2020 to secure a sponsorship. If you'd like to donate in memory or in honor of a loved one or beloved pet, we encourage you to make a donation in their name in any amount you'd like.

July, 2019 - Lancaster County is building a new $3M animal shelter on Pageland Hwy (Route 9), near the Public Works Department in Lancaster. The 11,000 square foot facility will be larger than the current shelter. Its size will provide more holding capacity and a bright, clean environment for staff and volunteers. We hope this new facility attracts more people to visit the animals and to volunteer and be a part of the animal shelter to help save even more animals!

The complex will include a 4,800-square-foot building with space for animal intake and holding, a medical area for treatment, offices, and space for pet adoptions, as well as a laundry and a food-storage area. It also has two rooms for cats and 46 runs to house dogs.

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