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Fosters Save Lives


Fosters provide rescue animals with temporary or long-term housing and care while waiting to move into their forever home or transport to a partner rescue. Fostering provides socialization and training for the animal and gets them away from the stress of living in the shelter. All food, vetting and supplies are provided for fosters.

Qualified foster care provider commitments include: 

  • Feeding & boarding

  • Behavioral training, exercise, and socialization

  • Proper grooming

  • Transporting to/from veterinarian appointments

  • Providing pets with lots of TLC

If you are looking to foster a pet, we ask that you complete the foster application below. If you would like to adopt, please complete the Adoption Application instead. Please note that the completion of an application does not guarantee that a pet will be placed in your care. We reserve the right to refuse for any reason. 

To be considered for foster, we have several requirements:

  • Fosters must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Non-smoking homes only.

  • If you rent your home, you must provide written consent from your landlord to have a dog or cat on the premises. 

  • All pets already in the home 6 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered.

  • All pets in the home must be up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm prevention & flea/tick prevention. 

  • A home visit may be required.

Once the application is completed and submitted, we will be in touch with you after it is processed. Please allow a minimum of 3 - 5 days to hear back from us. 

Per shelter policy, only animals who have a confirmed rescue commitment are eligible to go into foster care.

Attention Foster Applicants: 

Volunteers Needed!


We need the support of our community and volunteers to ensure our cats, dogs and other animals get daily exercise and enrichment. You can help make a difference for homeless pets by relieving some of their shelter stress and showing them love and one-on-one attention. Do you have a few hours a month to give love and kindness to some homeless pets? They sure would appreciate it!

Whether you’re a group looking for a one-time opportunity, a youth group needing service hours, or an individual who wants to commit to regular volunteering, we have a place for you here at Lancaster County Animal Shelter.


Volunteers should be 18 years of age or older. Those under18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and completely supervised throughout their volunteer service. Minimum age is 16. Please download, print and sign the Shelter Rules form.

To view volunteer opportunities, please complete the volunteer application, then join our Volunteer Facebook Group!

shelter volunteer with orange kitten
Volunteers are a special breed!



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