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Animals that come into Lancaster County Animal Shelter are checked for a microchip with a universal chip scanner, rabies tag or identification tag on a collar. If the animal has identification, the rightful owners will be contacted by shelter staff informing them of their pet's whereabouts


If no identification is found, the animal is held at the shelter for five (5)working days. If you are missing a pet, please come to the shelter to see if your pet has been picked up by Lancaster County Animal Control or brought to our shelter as a stray.


During the 5 working days the animal is on stray hold, the owner can reclaim their pet. Proof of a rabies vaccination needs to be provided when picking up your pet. If your animal is not current on its rabies vaccinations, you are given 5 business days to update the vaccination and provide proof to the shelter.


Reclaim fees are as follows:

1st offense             $25

2nd offense            $50

3rd offense           $100

4th offense           $200

There is also a $5 per day fee for the feeding and caring of your pet while housed at our shelter and a one time $10 fee for a microchip if the animal has not been previously chipped.

An Animal Control Officer may need to speak with you about any Lancaster County Ordinances that were violated or South Carolina State laws that were broken.  If this is the case with your pet, you will be allowed to reclaim the animal after you have spoken with the appropriate officer.

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When looking for a lost pet, please be sure to check out the photos of the animals at the shelter.



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