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Happy Shelter Stories

The animals we care for here at the shelter are like family. Each one is very special to us and we do whatever it takes to give them a fair chance at the happy life they each deserve.  They didn't ask to be here. Some were found as strays, others surrendered due to no fault of their own and others were dumped out on the side of road or in the woods. However they got here, they arrived scared and alone and we do our best to make them feel at home. Being at the shelter may be difficult and stressful for them, but a space at the shelter means they are fed and safe for another night. 

Please read the stories below of some of the worst cases we've seen and the amazing transformations they made due to the care, love and support they received from the shelter staff. We may only have three staff members and a handful of volunteers, but we treat every shelter resident like our own family and we are very proud that our hard work, with even the toughest animals, has paid off.

Jodi with puppies

Jodi and her babies

Jodi was brought to us as a stray right before the 4th of July. She was VERY pregnant and needing a place to crash and have her puppies! One of our volunteers, Jasmine, comes to help at the shelter daily. When Jodi med jasmine, she immediately fell in love with her. Next thing you know she was following her every move. Jasmine talked to her mom about fostering Jodi to give her a nice place to have and raise her puppies. The family fell in love with Jodi and decided they were going to adopt her! Fast forward 8 weeks, when her pups were old enough, they went to their forever homes in NJ with a rescue group BCAA! Jodi is now with a loving family, with 4 other doggy siblings, chickens and even a chameleon! She is spoiled day in and day out, and has been an awesome addition to their family! We love a happy ending

Jodi with her human

Jodi adopted!


Kobi was brought to us as a stray from Animal Control. He was clearly very scared and in some pain from open wounds and skin issues. Kobi was not very fond of anyone putting a leash over his head or walking with one for that matter. He was put in his kennel and given a day or so to calm down, and start to trust us. Immediately, I (Carissa) went to greet Kobi and talk to him. He did not ever show any aggression, only when he was taken off the truck and put into his kennel. Kobi slowly began to trust me more and more each day. I slowly got Kobi to where he would let me put a harness  on him, and take him for short walks to introduce him to it and know it’s not going to hurt him! After 3-4 days Kobi mastered his harness, with an occasional hop, skip and a jump!


Over 3 months he started to heal, and begin to be the awesome dog he is today! After some time, Kobi got used to his surroundings, and got VERY attached to me! We knew then it was time to start looking for his new forever home! He was neutered shortly after, and we went for a day trip to an adoption event at a local brewery! Not even an hour into being there, Kobi found THE MOST AMAZING forever family. Kobi went home on a trial basis THAT SAME DAY. To this day he is spoiled and loved like no other! Kobi now has 2 shepherd sisters, a HUGE fenced in yard, a pool and the most amazing parents ever! Happy life, sweet boy!

Kobi Before.png

Kobi on arrival

Kobi After.png

Kobi today


Lucky has a sad story to go with why he looked so bad! Lucky was brought to us by Animal Control, after being found in a crate just as big as he was, sitting in his own feces. He was brought to us, and immediately brought to the vet office for whatever treatment he needed. Lucky was VERY dehydrated and obviously starved. He was always a little “shy” and set back, but after a few days and a few meals, he knew quickly no one here will hurt him! Lucky was given meds and fluids to help his anemia. Over a course of 4 months, Lucky progressively got better. Staff here at the shelter QUICKLY got attached to such a sweet soul that he was! We all loved him, and made sure he found the most amazing rescue/adopter to care for him for the rest of his life! Lucky was snagged by an amazing rescue, East Greenwich Animal Protection League in Rhode Island, and found the most amazing home!

Lucky on arrival at the shelter

Lucky on arrival

Lucky After.png

Lucky on adoption day!


Meet Magnolia! She was brought in by Animal Control. There was no real explanation as to WHY someone would let a dog get in this bad of shape. You could not see her eyes, feet, tail, or even begin to tell where her face was. I (Carissa) come in on a Saturday to feed and clean and saw this pitiful thing sitting on her bed. Even through all the nasty fur and uncomfortable feeling, this little girl STILL wanted to give kisses and wagged her little tail. Immediately I called local groomers and our amazing local rescue, LSPCA. We got ahold of Shelia with Bubbles and Blades, and she left her vacation at the lake to come back to town just to help this little girl. After she was groomed, she went to rescue/foster with Diana Knight of LSPCA. From then on, Magnolia received vet care, and the most amazing foster home, and love she could have ever gotten! She is now adopted  and living the life she deserves!

Magnolia Before

Magnolia on arrival

magnolia adopted.jpg

Magnolia adopted!



Dexter, Dexter, Dexter ... Dexter come to us as a stray running around Lancaster near the recreational facility, skin and bones, white gums, weak, and not in the best of shape. Dexter was immediately brought to the vet for treatment and to get him feeling better. He was anemic, heartworm positive, and underweight at just 40 lbs the day he walked into the shelter. At our vet he was given meds that would help him. He had blood-work done that showed his low blood count and some other issues. He came back to the shelter a few days after, feeling better but not 100%. Dexter was being fed small meals 3 times a day to make sure he would hold his food down, and be able to digest it. He was on 3 different antibiotics for many weeks. After many months had gone by, Dexter finally started regaining color back in his gums. He was starting to be more active and how a dog should be. He had to go to the vets office regularly to make sure he was progressing and was going to be okay. Some days were better than others with him. He would progressively get better, and then backtrack a couple steps. Finally, 4 months later, Dexter FULLY regained color in his gums. He was 100% better, walking, playing, and running! It was like night and day.


Fast forward another month, Dexter finally was strong enough to start heart-worm treatment. He now only has 1 more checkup left, and he is FULLY heart-worm treated. Dexter is the biggest baby ever! He loves to jump in the truck and go for a ride. He sits right in his seat and looks out the window, or TRIES to give you kisses driving down the road if you speak one word to him. Dexter loves every person and kid he meets! He is learning the “no jump” and he is mastering it (sometimes). He sits for treats and goes potty right outside. He has been iffy with other dogs. He seems to LOVE the small male dog at the vet's office, but that has been the only dog yet. He is not aggressive, he just growls and turns his head. He has never once fought with another dog or went after another dog. Some dogs he seems to tolerate. I think being out of this shelter-environment would help him tremendously with his dog issues. I personally would not say he is “dog aggressive”. I think he needs to decompress from the shelter life, and down the road begin to be introduced to other dogs.


Dexter went on a home trial visit with a possible adoption family. The family ended up not keeping him because they said they are just not home enough to have a dog. BUT, Dexter did great over there for a week. He slept in the bed with the kids, he did not have an accident in the house, he was great with their cat, and he was awesome with the kids. Dexter is 100% a family dog and deserves every minute of a new home. He is the sweetest most loving dude there is. Dexter is a pleasing kind of dog. He would love to have a more active lifestyle where he can go for a hike, or go for a ride and do some things but also be able to cuddle on the couch and watch TV. Dexter has been through hell and back and is BEYOND ready for a new home! He loves to be able to go out and run in the yard, so a fenced-in yard is a MUST for Dexter. Dexter needs someone who is either home a lot or can take him with them to work or whatever the case is! Dexter is a special boy and it’s going to take a special family to see the greatness in him. He has a one of a kind personality, and he is NOT afraid to show it. He loves giving everyone kisses, sitting on your feet, trying to be a lap dog, or just simply being Dexter! He now weighs 57 lbs and is a big old hunk of love!

Update: Our precious Dexter was adopted on October 26, 2019. Happy life sweet boy!

Dexter before.png

Dexter on arrival


Dexter today

Miracles happen every day. Check out all of the available pets at the shelter and make the world a better place for you and the animal you adopt!



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